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An emergency between paydays can sometimes be solved with a pay day loan. This is a short-term cash allowance, from a lender, that is sometimes called a cash advance. When the money is expected to be repaid from the individual’s salary, the lender usually expects to verify this source of income. A credit card is sometimes the security for these loans.

There is Legislation in existence in various countries and in the United States that governs the procedures used to award these loans. There are laws in place to protect a borrower against usury practices. These laws prevent the lender from having a policy of applying excessive rates of interest to the terms of these contracts. There is a limit applied to annual percentage rates in some jurisdictions.

These cash advances are severely restricted in some communities or are not allowed at all. Other jurisdictions have minimal guidelines for this business practice. The time period for these transactions has an effect on the application of APR policies. Compounding interest is not permitted.

The principal amount due never changes, because of interest added to it. Loan costs comparisons are necessary to get the most favorable terms. Lenders are participating in a market with high default rates. These default practices seriously decrease the net income of these lenders. When the loan is made, borrowers are required to present a postdated check for the principal amount plus the fees. If the borrower fails to return to pay this amount in person on the due date as expected, this check is deposited. A returned check increases the borrower’s costs for the transaction.